It is very easy to purchase work from an artist. It is enough to call +79169595997 , you can write by SMS or WhatsApp, or even by e-mail . Or through the messenger of any social network (their icons are at the bottom of this page). The main thing is to choose the very picture, and possibly several pictures - let it be a collection! :) Here they are arranged according to the years of creation, the information is regularly updated. Enjoy your choice!

You can get the selected painting in any convenient way: self-pickup from a workshop in Moscow, by courier in Moscow and the near Moscow region, by Russian post to any region, as well as by a transport company to anywhere in the world. Payment is possible in cash upon receipt in case of delivery by courier, cash on delivery in case of sending by Russian post or to a bank card for any delivery method. The artist is a payer of the NPD, it is possible to accept non-cash payments from individuals and legal entities.

Крымские горы. Утро
Памятник Петру I в усадьбе Измайлово
Серебряно-Виноградный пруд
Покровский бульвар
Раннее утро в Москве
Дождливое утро у Яузских ворот
Церковь Вознесения Господня
Пожарная каланча в Сокольниках
Ростов Великий
Лето на Новой Басманной
Гроза в Губарево
Высокопетровский монастырь
Вид на Преображенский вал
Вечер в деревне Губарёво
Лето на Волге
Тихий день в деревне
Озеро Селигер. Закат