Mediums: canvas on cardboard, oil.

Dimensions: 40x30

Creation year: 2010

The work is in the artist's studio.

The cost is 21,000 rubles.

To purchase, call +79169595997

A neighbor in the country (Uncle Vanya).



Despite the fact that today everyone has the opportunity to photograph themselves, those who want to make their portrait in oil on canvas are no less than 100-200 years ago. The sufferers are not frightened off even by the need to pose for the artist for several hours, sitting in an uncomfortable position. And this is not surprising: the reward for diligence will be a beautiful and effective portrait, which you can proudly hang in a prominent place in your home.

Portrait painting to order is not a cheap service, you will have to pay decently for a good job. But the portrait painted with high-quality paints on a real canvas will retain its original appearance for many years, eventually turning into a family heirloom. That is why it is not worth saving on a portrait. Before ordering a portrait from an artist personally, you should familiarize yourself with his portfolio, look at the finished works, and also figure out what exactly you want. So, for example, not everyone wants to get a portrait that is an exact copy of themselves. Someone wants to look younger, slimmer, more attractive on it. It is important for someone to be solid and respectable; for this, luxury items can be added to the plot of the picture. Some, on the contrary, choose a comic cartoon image.