Morning revival.

Mediums: canvas on cardboard, oil.

Dimensions: 60x40

Creation year: 2013

The work is in the artist's studio.

The cost is 47,790 rubles.

To purchase call +79169595997

I tried to convey the impulse and mood, expression and feeling.



Still lifes are usually called paintings in which inanimate objects are depicted in close-up. This direction of painting was singled out as an independent genre in the seventeenth century. At the same time it gained wide popularity: still life in oil on canvas became an integral part of wealthy aristocratic houses.

Today, still lifes have become a real classic of fine art, so such paintings are especially harmoniously combined with textile wallpaper, vintage furniture, stucco and other elements of the classical style. Still life in the interior of a modern apartment will also be very relevant, especially if you hang it in the kitchen or in the dining room. How a painting will be perceived largely depends on its size and framing. The color scale of the image is also important, it should fit into the interior. If a suitable painting was not found in the range of finished works, you can always order a still life directly from the artist. Most painters are familiar with this genre, as it is an integral part of the educational curriculum of all art schools and universities.