Summer day in Toropets.

Materials: adjustable stretcher, oil on canvas.

Dimensions: 30x50

Creation year: 2007

The work is in the artist's studio.

The cost is 38 000 rubles.

To purchase call +79169595997

View from the settlement of an ancient fortress in the town of Toropets ... Under a natural hill, filled with people to build up the ramparts, a hill stretched on the Toropa River, flowing within the city through the Solomeno and Zalikovskoe lakes, part of the modern town of Toropets. True, "modern", about this wonderful city, you can only talk about time. In my opinion, there are no changes in comparison with the 19th century. Is that the broken asphalt on the main street and rare, foreign-looking, advertising posters. And the rest is a nice county town ...



For a city dweller, a village landscape is always associated with relaxation and measured rural life, which is so lacking in the stone jungles of modern megacities. In addition, village motifs in many recall the bright moments of childhood: a trip to their beloved grandmother, carefree games with friends, first love - all this is so sweet and dear to the heart. That is why there are always enough people who want to buy an oil painting with views of the Russian countryside. Moreover, such pictures are universal: they are equally well suited for home, office, hall and executive office.

The Russian hinterland in painting is represented very diversely: flooded meadows and fields of ripe wheat, rural houses covered with snow, golden domes of churches, mysterious forest lakes and much more - everyone can choose for himself what will find the greatest response in his soul. Moreover, you will be surprised how diverse the nature of your native land is, how many colors and moods it contains. A painting depicting a rural landscape, depending on the plot and the artist's message, can evoke a variety of emotions from mild sadness to joyful euphoria. You need to choose a picture taking into account all these features.