Ladder in the park.

Materials: adjustable stretcher, canvas, oil.

Dimensions: 40x30

Creation year: 2018

The work is in the artist's studio.

The cost is 25,000 rubles.

To purchase please call +79169595997

279. Лестница в парке 40х30, х.,м., 2018

I was on vacation with my wife in Kislovodsk with my friend. We took a walk. We came across a sanatorium in the park. The sanatorium looks like Soviet, and the staircase to it inspired. I share ...

Despite the rapidly changing fashion trends in the field of design, painting in the interior is always relevant. A correctly selected painting can transform any interior, making it livelier and more interesting. Moreover, the picture is always a reflection of the inner world of the owner of the room, his character and taste. That is why it is worth choosing a painting especially carefully.

When choosing a picture, it is necessary to take into account the characteristics of the room: its size, color scheme, illumination, etc. For a large room, it is better to choose a large painting with a large image, because the little one can just get lost on the wall, losing all its charm. For small rooms, on the contrary, medium-sized paintings with an abundance of drawn details are more suitable. The color scheme of the picture should not be discordant with the decoration and furniture of the room. As for lighting, it is better to hang pictures of bright and light colors in dark rooms - dark ones will only add gloom. When choosing a painting, you should not limit yourself only to the assortment available in the store, today you can order an oil painting on canvas, and the artist will draw exactly what you need, taking into account all the wishes of the customer.