Vysokopetrovsky monastery.

Materials: adjustable stretcher, canvas, oil.

Dimensions: 60x60

Year of creation: 2019

The work is in the artist's studio.

The cost is 75,000 rubles.

To purchase, call +79169595997

320. Высокопетровский монастырь 60х60, х

Vysokopetrovsky monastery. Recently, 2 years ago, I rediscovered it. He is solemn, stern. And in the midst of the noise of the city. As an oasis of faith and spirituality. Even in architecture, I deliberately tried to leave less free space, to show the density, almost tangible feelings ... And the restless sky is the decorative mood of the whole composition. The contradiction of calm, refined, with many ornaments, stucco, architecture and vanity, tourists, pilgrims, interviews, children's games ... And above all this is the sky, and against its background crosses shine ...

Moscow is not only the capital of our Motherland, but also one of the most beautiful cities in the world. It is not surprising that Moscow landscapes in oil on canvas are very popular with both our compatriots and foreigners. At the same time, the variety of paintings simply amazes the imagination: quiet courtyards of "Stalinist" houses are adjacent to the majestic Kremlin, the golden-domed domes of Orthodox churches - with modern skyscrapers. As in life, Moscow is very versatile in the painting of contemporary artists. Someone adheres to the traditional image of the capital - a city of classical architecture and high culture, someone seeks to convey the frantic rhythm of a metropolis and show Moscow as a successful modern city.

Examining pictures depicting the capital, everyone can find the Moscow that will attract him. If you still can't find a suitable option, you can always contact a professional artist and order an oil painting with views of Moscow. In this case, the picture will be written taking into account all the wishes for the composition, color scheme, size, design, etc. A high-quality picture will delight the eye with beautiful Moscow views for many years.