View of the Moscow Regional Bar Association.

Materials: adjustable stretcher, canvas, oil.

Dimensions: 61x60

Year of creation: 2019

The work is in the artist's studio.

The cost is 50,000 rubles.

To purchase please call +79169595997

344. Вид на Московскую областную коллеги

I admired the views of Izmailovo. Near the Izmaylovskaya metro station there is a wonderful example of the Stalinist Empire style. Lawyers from the region now sit in it. I was attracted by the fit of architecture into the landscape and the play of spots of light and shadow.

Autumn landscape in oil on canvas is a tribute to the traditions of Russian fine art. Such paintings were painted by artists 200-300 years ago. The most famous works today can be seen in museums and exhibition galleries. All of them are permeated with light sadness over the passing summer and the expectation of the approaching cold weather. Every artist has his own autumn melancholy, so the types of autumn nature in painting are very diverse: freezing rain and a piercing wind or foliage slowly falling in the sun's rays - everyone can find that autumn that finds the greatest response in his soul.

Golden autumn occupies a special place in the artist's work. These are incredibly warm and inviting pictures. Such an image, becoming the central accent on the wall, will add home comfort and warmth to the interior. Pictures depicting golden autumn are suitable for almost any interior design. This motive does not carry a strong semantic load, therefore it can be successfully used not only in residential buildings, but also in study rooms, front halls, etc. When placing such a picture on the wall, it is worth considering the illumination of a particular place: the brighter the light, the greater the emotional impact of the picture.