Gorokhovets. View of the Annunciation Cathedral.

Materials: adjustable stretcher, oil on canvas.

Dimensions: 60x65

Year established: 2021

The work is in the artist's studio.

The cost is 58,000 rubles.

To purchase, call +79169595997

411. Гороховец. Вид на Благовещенский собор 60х65, х.,м., 2021.jpg

We went on sketches to the glorious city of Gorokhovets. The morning view of the Cathedral of the Annunciation surprised and delighted. The temple, like a stronghold, grows in the light of the first rays of the sun, towering over the beautiful and lovely old huts.

In conditions of economic instability, painting, as an investment, is becoming a particularly attractive way to save and increase your savings. Whatever happens in the commodity and foreign exchange markets, the cost of the canvas is growing every year. At the same time, the owner of the painting receives aesthetic pleasure from owning the subject of his investment.

Investing in the purchase of a painting, the main thing is not to miscalculate. To be sure that over the years the cost of a painting will increase, it is worth giving preference to the works of artists with a special education, because self-taught works rarely arouse the interest of true connoisseurs of art. It is good if the artist already has a certain fame in the circles of art workers, participates in exhibitions, fairs, etc. To increase the cost of the painter's canvases, patrons of art invest in his "promotion", organizing presentations, donating his work to museums, exhibiting them at auctions. The key to the success of the artist's paintings is also the presence of a unique handwriting by which his work would be easily recognizable. In this case, the likelihood that the personal collection will bring dividends in the future increases significantly.