Trees in the yard.

Materials: adjustable stretcher, canvas, oil.

Dimensions: 80x60

Year of creation: 2000, revised in 2016

The work is in a private collection in China.

It is possible to create an author's copy to order.

To order, call +79169595997

Spring, nature wakes up. I left the house, accidentally looked up - I was struck by the beauty and majesty (from this angle) of the most ordinary trees. Only the azure of heaven is visible and they are like some kind of guardians of life ... Everything alien falls out of sight, only the beauty of nature is visible.



Spring is always associated with the beginning of a new life, awakens feelings and gives new hopes. Spring landscape with oil, decorating the interior, will allow you to recharge with spring positive at any time of the year.

Spring on canvas is a bright sun, mischievous streams, nature waking up from sleep. Such a picture will revive and diversify any interior. Such bright and emotional images are especially good in rooms with dim lighting, where there is a lack of energy and rich colors. For a visual expansion of the space of small rooms, landscapes with spring motives going into the distance are good. At the same time, it is important not to miscalculate with the size of the picture, it should be comparable to the size of the room, since excessively large canvases in a small space look ridiculous. If you can't find an image of a suitable size with the desired plot, you can always buy a painting directly from the artist. Many modern painters willingly take on painting custom-made paintings. It will come out a little more expensive than purchasing a ready-made canvas, but you will definitely get exactly what will best suit your interior. Considering that the picture is acquired for many years, such investments are always justified.