Quiet river.

Materials: adjustable stretcher, oil on canvas.

Dimensions: 60x80

Creation year: 2007

The work is in a private collection in China.

It is possible to create an author's copy to order.

To order, call +79169595997

The mighty beauty of our nature - without any exaggeration. The place is real, located at the beginning of the Valdai Upland, 80 kilometers from the town of Vyshny Volochyok. Calmness and primordial strength, at the same time - regal tenderness and poetic lyricism, that's what he tried to convey when he wrote ...



Buying a painting depicting summer nature means settling in a small piece of summer, which will warm you with its cheerful appearance even in the cold season.

The summer landscape with oil can be very diverse - these are hot sultry days, and evenings filled with aromas of herbs, and violent thunderstorms, and blooming city flower beds, and children playing in the pond, and much, much more. Each artist brings into the picture his vision of this wonderful and so fleeting time. A summer landscape is able to revive even the coldest and austere interior. Such a picture is perfect for rooms with windows facing north, as well as for any other rooms where there is a lack of light. With the summer landscape it will become a little brighter there. Of course, the picture must be chosen taking into account the characteristics of the interior. It is far from always possible to find what you want. Fortunately, contemporary artists willingly paint pictures to order, taking into account all the wishes of the customer. If you want to order summer on canvas, give preference to artists with professional education. It will not be superfluous to take a look at the already finished works, from which one can easily assess the skill of the painter.