Warm winter in Pavlino.

Materials: adjustable stretcher, canvas, oil.

Dimensions: 45x35

Year of creation: 2020

The work is in the artist's studio.

The cost is 30,000 rubles.

To purchase please call +79169595997

59. Теплая зима в Павлино. 45х35, х.,м.,

I snatched a moment out of the window between classes with teenagers. It is rare nowadays to see the sun and snow and shadows. I captured what happened - it's up to you to judge.

Classics, as you know, do not go out of fashion, so academic painting is always popular. The creation of such a picture requires high skill from the artist, special knowledge in the field of composition, talent and considerable time expenditures, therefore, not every painter takes on this genre.

One of the most popular areas of this genre today is realism. Pictures painted in this style convey the surrounding world with all objects, events and phenomena as realistically as possible. This is what makes them interesting and attractive for wall decoration. Such paintings are especially relevant in interiors decorated in a traditional style. An oil landscape, for example, will be a great addition to a home living room, a hall of a public institution, or a manager's office. A painting in the style of realism, due to its versatility, will be a wonderful gift that can be presented to your boss, your friend, and your beloved grandmother. At the same time, the plot can be very different from the endless expanses of Russian fields to images of cities with all the diversity of their architecture.