Planet of letters.

Mediums: mixed media, Indian wood, ink, watercolor, gouache.

Dimensions: 50x40

Creation year: 2013

The work is in the artist's studio.

The cost is 32,000 rubles.

To purchase call +79169595997

For the basis of this work, a solid piece of rare wood was used, brought by my friend from India.

Abstract painting is one of the most popular genres in the visual arts of recent years. The peculiarity of this artistic direction is in the absence of specifics. It is not objects and phenomena that come first, but emotions and feelings. An abstract painting is always an understatement, where everyone sees something of their own. Such a modern painting for the interior, with the right choice of colors, will be an excellent addition to the design of almost any room, be it a living room, reception room or study. It will not attract undue attention to itself and will not give a big semantic load, but at the same time it will stylishly decorate the wall, emphasizing the good taste of its owner.

When choosing a painting in the genre of abstract painting, you should pay attention to the font compositions. Font composition in oil on canvas always attracts attention and arouses interest. Everyone will want to know what kind of inscription is depicted in the picture. This can be beneficially used for advertising purposes. In addition, such a work of art can become an original gift if the name of the person to be gifted or something else purely personal is beautifully encoded in the inscription.