07/27/2018 - TV story about the opening of the exhibition "Teachers and Students" in the Novomoskovsk Museum of History and Art, donation to the museum of A. Kovalevsky's work "Morning. The Thunderstorm Is Going":


















07/08/2018 - publication in the collection "True Love":







04/30/2018 - publication in the magazine "Russian Gallery XXI century":



03/21/2018 - publication on the website of the Moscow City Duma about the exhibition "Teachers and Students" - https://duma.mos.ru/ru/37/news/novosti/jivopis-ot-pokoleniya-k-pokoleniyu

12/23/2017 - a story on Firovsky TV about the meeting in the museum and the transfer of the picture:











12/18/2017 - transfer of the work "Flood" to the Firov Museum of Local Lore:

11/08/2017 - transfer of the work "Orthodox Rus" to the Art Museum in Bazarny Karabulak:


10/05/2017 - a story on Krasnogorsk television about the exhibition "Lyrics of Russian nature" in the estate "Znamenskoye-Gubailovo" - http://kr-tv.ru/2017/10/05/

06/15/2017 - publication in the magazine "4 stars KMV" - article "With thoughts of eternal", cover:

03/29/2017 - about the exhibition "Lyrics of Russian nature" in the gallery "Sosny" Rublevo-Uspensky LOC at the Administration of the President of the Russian Federation - http://www.odin-plus.ru/lirika-russkoy-prirodyi/

11/17/2016 - received Artexaward awards (silver) in the categories "Painting" and "Graphics":

05/16/2016 - publication on the website of Alexander Gremitskikh "Exhibition of painting" Lyrics of Russian nature "" - http://ruskartina.ru/news_59.html

04/26/2016 - publication on the website of Alexander Gremitskikh "Andrey Kovalevsky - feel your native land through his paintings" - http://ruskartina.ru/news_56.html

03/31/2016 - the announcement of the exhibition "Poetry in Colors" in the Sholokhov Central Library - http://newsvostok.ru/kultura/vernisazh-poeziya-v-kraskah-otkroetsya-v-tsentralnoy-biblioteke-imeni-sholohova-v-pervye -dni-aprelya /

15.08.2015 - publication of the work "Evening Silence" in the catalog of the exhibition in Beijing:

2012 - publication of the work "Letters in the world of letters" in the catalog "Russian Artists of Serbia":

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